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Saudi food bank serves up a taste of Ramadan through a delivery app

Saudi food bank serves up a taste of Ramadan through a delivery app
A Saudi food bank has teamed up with a delivery app to nourish the needy during Ramadan. Itaam, a nonprofit initiative set up by entrepreneurs from the Eastern Region during the holy month, signed an agreement with the food-delivery app Hunger Station to launch the new service, Otloblhom. Muslims are encouraged to help the needy, especially during Ramadan, with charity campaigns facilitating the process of feeding those who are less well off or who are unable to fast because of health problems. The Itaam initiative aims to spread the idea of professionally managed food banks in the Kingdom that protects the privacy of both donors and recipients. Itaam began operations on the first day of Ramadan, allowing people to order iftar meals at a symbolic price. Meals are then delivered through Hunger Station. Charitable activities used to be carried out randomly in the street, with people distributing food in areas where the poor and homeless lived. Now, however, a number of campaigns, volunteers and phone apps help to provide the same service. Through their agreement, Hunger Station and Itaam aim to perform a valuable social role during the holy month. To order, open the application, press “Otloblhom,” select the restaurant and number of meals, and pay by credit card. Other charitable apps are active not only at Ramadan but also throughout the year. These include Faed and Khair Alsaudia, which help to distribute clothes, food, furniture and household appliances.

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