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Ordering in with Lugmety: Be satisfied, not sorry, with Cleanse & Glow's healthy food

Ordering in with Lugmety: Be satisfied, not sorry, with Cleanse & Glow's healthy food
Fried foods are a staple on iftar tables across the region, but what do you do when you’ve had enough of the oil-soaked pastries and deep-fried snacks? This week, I found myself strapped for time and energy so, instead of whipping up a meal, I whipped out my phone and ordered in with food delivery app Lugmety. I was tired of fried food and the inevitable surge of guilt that comes with a midnight snack of leftover pastries, so I opted to order from Cleanse & Glow for a healthy suhoor meal. Spurred on by my good intentions, I ordered two salads — the Quinoa and Kale Salad and the Sweet Greens Salad — and four infused water drinks: Pink Lemonade; Fountain of Youth; Coconut H2O and Beauty 1 with Lavender. The food was delivered bundled up lovingly in beautiful packaging, rather than plastic bags, and the salad looked springy and fresh. The Quinoa and Kale Salad was delicious and refreshing, with crunchy kale and long spaghetti-like zucchini noodles, which was an added bonus. Meanwhile, the Sweet Greens Salad was lush and delicious, with fresh lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrots and a scrumptious dressing. The salads did not arrive soggy or over dressed, which is vital in my book. As for the hydrating bottles of goodness, Beauty 1 with Lavender was a clear favorite, made with pineapple and lemon with hints of lavender flavor. The flavor-packed drink also features probiotics, collagen and hyaluronic acid that are said to benefit your skin. The restaurant even sent extra goodies to try out: Protein balls made primarily of dates. The flavors were decadent and rich and the texture was satisfyingly chewy, with hints of chocolate without the guilt of scoffing a chocolate cake in the middle of the night. Despite the range of cuisines available on Lugmety, sometimes the healthiest and lightest option is best for avoiding the instant regret that comes with a late-night junk food meal and Cleanse & Glow will certainly leave you satisfied, not sorry.

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