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Bombay Brasserie: A luxury experience of Indian cuisine

Bombay Brasserie: A luxury experience of Indian cuisine
This restaurant is designed to give you a luxurious experience of Indian cuisine in the heart of Dubai. It is located in Taj Dubai in the Downtown area, and you can feel the level of luxury from the moment you enter Bombay Brasserie. Dimly lit hallways lead you to the wooden tables and colorful furniture. Some of the walls are even decorated with hand-drawn historic images of India. The open kitchen allows visitors to see the chefs cooking dishes right in front of them. The food is brought to you in a tray, with a small portion of each selection on the menu. The smoky, tender Murgh Angara tandoori smoked chicken, was exceptional as were the spicy fried prawns, Kariveplai Prawn Varuval. The lamb dishes, though, such as the Siri Paya lamb head soup or the Jarees lamb meat, cooked with wheat and caramelized onions, were overly salty. The presentation of the food at Bombay Brasserie is exceptional, with some of the dishes were adorned with edible gold leaves, whilst the staff at the restaurant are friendly and attentive. Even the chef came to ask us if we had enjoyed the experience. Prices run on the higher end, with the set menu at $53 per person. That said, there is free valet parking, and dates and other iftar treats are included for Ramadan.

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