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How to loss weight naturally

How to loss weight naturally

258 Views 04,June 2019

In the hustle of daily routine life, it’s not easy to follow up a strict plan either of diet or of exercise. However, it doesn’t mean that losing extra fat is too difficult. Experts have proved that extra pounds of your body weight can be reduced by bringing small changes in your everyday routine. so today we will tell you ” How to lose weight fast without exercise or diet lose weight naturally“

Here are some tweaks that will definitely help you in burning calories without indulging in heavy exercises. By embracing them you won’t need to stick to strict diet plans or exercise for long hours. All you need to do is just to make little alterations to your food habits.


Yes, drinking water can really help in getting in shape. It is advised by experts that one should drink water before and after the meals. Not drinking water in required quantity causes dehydration and fatigue and usually, people misinterpret thirst as hunger and succumbs to overeating. Drinking water can help you more if you will replace other drinks which contain added sugar and calories with water.

We have become heavily dependent on ready-to-eat options. These things are not only bad for health but also one of the major reasons behind obesity. Many processed food contains high amounts of added sugar.
Just like readymade food items, soft drinks have also become a part of our life. Just avoid them and switch to natural beverages to save yourself from being obese and also from being a patient of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

Try to choose your food wisely and control cravings for food, which is a major cause of overeating. Mostly, people are addicted towards junk food and end up in consuming a lot of added sugar and fat. Make a shift from junk to natural. Prefer salad over fries. If you cannot resist junk food then order for single items rather than whole meals, steadily you will start getting satisfied with small quantities too. Stop storing wafers and chips in your kitchen and start eating fruits.

Sounds childish? But these are the things which definitely protect you from gaining weight. Start eating your food slowly and chew it properly, by doing this your body will realize the actual amount of food you need to take in and you would not overeat, neither you will consume extra calories. Adopt the habit of brushing your teeth after eating because after brushing the temptation of eating more vanishes. Normally people don’t like eating after brushing, you will never overeat by following these simple things.

Fibre helps in the release of satiety hormones and some fibres nourish healthy gut bacteria, which is linked with reduction of weight and protein is a nutrient which boosts metabolism. A fibre and protein-rich diet reduce your appetite as it gives a feeling of being full. While the digestion of protein, our body burns calories. These nutrients will not let you overeat and will also help in burning your calories. You can also opt for a whey protein supplement if you are not getting enough protein from your diet. Make sure to have a breakfast full of protein and fat.

I have already mentioned how beneficial a protein-rich breakfast is for reducing weight. Eggs are high in protein and have other nutrients as well. Its high protein will keep you full and reduce the cravings for food. Those who eat eggs in breakfast are likely to lose more weight than those who take grain-based breakfast.

Caffeinated beverages boost metabolism and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Drinks like black coffee and green tea are rich in antioxidants, they increase your energy levels and helps in burning fat. They are beneficial for belly fat reduction. Start drinking these two and you will definitely feel the change. Remember, don’t add sugar. best trick of How to lose weight fast without exercise or diet.

Replace your cooking oil with coconut oil. It is proven by studies that the coconut oil boosts metabolism due to the fats present in it. Thus, it makes you eat fewer calories and lessens the belly fat. this is the best trick for How to lose weight fast without exercise or diet.
Now, this one is a good news for spice lovers. If you love to have a spicy diet, then you are likely to lose more weight than others who don’t take spices in their meal. Spices are loaded with capsaicin which is responsible for reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.

Start checking your calories. Knowing the right amount of what you are eating leaves a psychological impact. You can count calories using electronic tools or you can take snaps of your food, you can write about your food. Do whatever you like to check your diet. If you will be aware of the exact things you are giving to your body then you will find better ways to control your food habits. very interesting topic How to lose weight fast without exercise or diet.

To burn calories and to make your body active it is not essential to do exhaustive workouts, you can go for soft tweaks here too. Quit your habit of laying down when you are not sleeping, do some cardio, run for a few minutes. If running is not your cup of tea, then go out for a walk daily. Walking after a meal helps the food to get easily digested and burns calories. Furthermore, do some yogasans. Simpler than this, dance while watching television. There are many more things you can do by simply making very fewer efforts. You just need to consider the baby steps as the major ones. Moreover, keep your focus on being healthy and not just slim. Don’t make a sole aim of reducing weight only, but nourish yourself with a healthy lifestyle to become healthier than before to get a happier self.

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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

214 Views 04,June 2019

1. Start Each Day with a Fast
Fasting is probably the easiest and most effortless way to lose weight and burn fat without actually counting calories and sticking to a particular diet. It will literally save you time and money. When fasting, you are temporarily restricted from eating for a set length of time, which automatically reduces your total calorie intake. Fasting also allows your body to tap into the stored fat and use it for energy as opposed to glucose, increasing your fat burn and further fostering weight loss. While there are many fasting patterns out there, one of the easiest ways is to fast for 16 hours a day and eat during the remaining 8 hours. This intermittent fasting schedule is most common and popular for its simplicity.

2. Pair Apple Cider Vinegar With Fasting
Apple cider vinegar or ACV is a health drink that can help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite, increasing satiety, and boosting your metabolism. Due to ACV's appetite suppressant quality, pairing it with a short-term fast like intermittent fasting can be a powerful way to enhance weight loss. By taking apple cider vinegar when fasting can curve hunger especially during the first few days. To make the apple cider vinegar diet drink, combine 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water. Adding a squeeze of lime can refreshen the smell and taste. This will help carry you until your lunch time.

3. Set a Clear Goal to Lose Weight
Setting a goal to lose 20 pounds is great, but if you can't adjust your lifestyle to support your goal, you'll never reach the goal weight. Doesn't matter how committed you are to this goal, if you don't set up an environment to support your journey, no willpower or motivation will get you there.

4. Get a Journal
Get a journal to write things down. This will come handy in keeping yourself accountable. Many people underestimate how much food they eat throughout the day. A food journal will hopefully help you remember and keep track of what you ate. It can also help you eat better by making you more cautious about what you are eating. In fact, according to a study from Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research, those who keep a food diary double their weight loss.

5. Track Your Daily Calorie Intake
While calories don't tell you everything, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. That's a fact. A calorie deficit means more energy leaving the body than entering it. And one simple way to make sure of that is to budget your calories and track the intake. For that, you can use a calorie app like MyfitnessPal or other apps that count and track calories. Even people who eat healthily often eat too many calories and have a hard time losing weight. An easy fix like using a calorie counting app can help you manage your intake.

6. Clean Your Fridge
You eating can be as clean as your food supply. This is what I mean when I say calories don't tell you everything. Some foods are more nutritious than others even though they contain the same amount of calories. One way to set yourself for success is to get rid of all the items in the fridge that don't support your new weight loss goal. That includes soda, fruit juice, cookies and frozen pizza, and almost anything and everything that's processed. Replace them with fresh fruits, Greek yogurt, hummus, veggies, and all of the other good stuff! This will make it easier for you to eat foods that support your health goal.

7. Do Your Weekly Meal Planning
Meal plannings help with your daily cooking whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is the plan you make before you go grocery shopping. For example, if you're planning on making salmon and kale on Monday and quinoa broccoli and chicken for dinner for Tuesday, your grocery shopping will include those foods. This is especially helpful in keeping track of your calorie intakes. It will help you stay organized in your eating and only eat foods or meals that are in your plan. That way, you can be sure you're not only eating fewer calories, but also nutritious foods that nourish your body and health. For example, highly proteinous foods such as eggs, fish, and lean meats can have a positive impact on your metabolism, hunger, and appetite. Some studies have found that people who ate a high-protein breakfast had fewer cravings and consumed fewer calories throughout the day. If you plan your meals ahead of time, you can ensure that those weight loss friendly foods are always included in your plan. Small decisions like eating a high-protein breakfast each day can result in big-time weight loss.

8. Drink A Lot of Water
Breaking your fast with water in the morning is a great way to kick-start the day. That's because drinking water can enhance your weight loss in a few ways. One, water increases your calorie burn after an hour of drinking. In one study, an average of 30% increase in the metabolic rate was seen after drinking 500ml of water . In another study, overweight women lost extra 4.4 pounds by upping their water intake to 1 litter a day . What's interesting is that there were no other changes made in their diet or exercise regimen. Water can also help with weight loss by reducing hunger. In one study, drinking two glasses of water half an hour before meals reduced calorie intake by 75 to 90 calories. In a longer 12-week study, drinking water before every meal led to weight loss of 5 extra pounds than those who didn't. Make a habit of drinking water every morning and before all your meals. And if you find plain water boring, try squeezing a slice of lemon into a glass of water.

9. Squeeze in Some Cardio
Whether you're trying to lose weight or not, cardio exercise is good for your health. But if you are trying to lose weight, cardio is the most effective exercise to burn calories, which naturally leads to a more significant weight loss. Cardio exercises are anything from jogging, running, walking, biking and to swimming. Here is how effective cardio really is for weight loss. One study split 141 obese individuals into 3 groups to see how effective cardio can be at burning calories. Here's the breakdown:
Group A: 5 days per week of burning 400 calories with cardio
Group B: 5 days per week of burning 600 calories with cardio
Group C: No cardio exercise
Participants in group A lost on average 4% of their body weight. Group B lost a little more at 5.7%. The last group, which didn't do any exercise, gained 5% weight. The study lasted 10 months.
For permanent, long-term weight loss, up your cardio. Create a schedule for 30 minutes of extensive cardio 5 times a week or 150 minutes of cardio per week for a more significant weight loss as recommended by The American College of Sports Medicine . It also helps you maintain your weight after you reach your weight goal.

10. Add Resistance Training to Your Workout
Just because cardio is the optimum form of exercise for weight loss doesn't mean you don't need resistance training. You need that too. In fact, you need both cardio and resistance training. Here's the workout schedule I gave to my friend, and I recommend it to you too Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 30-50 minutes of cardio Tuesday and Thursday: resistance training While cardio helps you burn calories, resistance training will help you build strength. It helps build metabolism-boosting muscles, which will help you burn calories around the clock. It simply revs up your metabolism. And one more thing, studies have found that people who exercise regularly are not only able to lose weight, but also keep the weight off permanently.

Take Home Message
I know this approach to weight loss is not a quick fix as some of the popular fad diets promise, but it's sustainable and healthy. The bottom line is that you need to fundamentally change your lifestyle to support your health goal if losing 20 pounds is a must for you. That's it! Now go out and lose that 20 pounds for good.

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8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

191 Views 04,June 2019

1. 8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting
Losing extra weight may help you look better, but more importantly, it can take pressure off painful joints and improve overall health. Research shows overweight people with arthritis who lose 10% of their weight have better mobility and 50% less pain. Try these small steps to drop excess pounds and get big health results.

2. Plate Picks
Use smaller dishes to reduce how much you eat by as much as 20%. Plate and portion sizes have increased over time, so you may be eating more than you realize – most people eat and drink more when served larger portions. And make sure dish color contrasts with the food on it; research shows people eat more when food is the same color as the plate.

3. Water Wise
Americans get more than a fifth of their daily calories just from beverages, so switching to water is a smart weight-loss move. Research shows that drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller, which can help shed pounds, too.

4. Slumber to Slim
Poor sleep triggers a part of the brain that controls urges to eat and staying up late increases cravings for unhealthy foods, so people tend to eat more after a bad night and make poor food choices later at night. What’s more, sleep deprivation can slow the body’s production of leptin, which makes you feel full, and amps up the hunger hormone ghrelin.

5. Group Activity
Team up with friends or join a group that’s also working to lose weight. Doing so can provide encouragement and motivation. One study shows people who teamed up with successful dieters were 20% more likely to succeed.

6. On the Other Hand
If you’re right-handed, use your left hand to eat (and vice versa). Research suggests that people eat less when they use their non-dominant hand, partly because they’re less likely to munch mindlessly. It’s likely you will also eat more slowly. Scientists say eating slowly will allow time for your stomach to transmit a feeling of fullness to your brain, which can ultimately help you eat less.

7. Slow is Good
Eat mindfully, focusing on and savoring each bite without distractions like watcing TV. People can cut their daily consumption by 300 calories by eating more slowly and giving their brain time to register how full they feel, according to one study.

8. Move to Lose
Cutting calories can help you lose weight, but it also can slow down your metabolism. It’s better to combine physical activity with a nutritious diet to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Walking and water aerobics are great, low-impact exercises, but talk to your doctor before you get started.

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